Boboli Gardens and Gucci Museum

May 29, 2019, Florence, Italy

Thoughts Heading Into the Day

I love nature and gardens of any kind, so I was extremely excited to see the Boboli Gardens.  I thought it would be a nice reprieve from all the museums we had been visiting.  I was also excited to see what an Italian garden looked like. 

I was not excited about going to the Gucci Museum because it was another museum, and I do not like his clothes, but were told that it was a small museum and would not take long, so that is good.   

Boboli Gardens

I was in heaven today visiting the Boboli Gardens!  Being outside, taking nature in, was wonderful.  It was such a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively.  I really liked what Dr. Baugh said when we arrived at the garden, “Even though gardens don’t have anything to do with fashion, all designers like to go out in nature and be inspired by the designs they find there.” This is exactly what Araminta Campell, whose weaving studio we toured Scotland, did. 

Boboli gardens is a formal Italian garden with 16thcentury statues. You are greeted with statues flanking both sides of an amphitheater with an Egyptian obelisk at its center.  The amphitheater is centered on the Pitti Palace. It makes quite the statement and leads you to different garden areas.  

Italians certainly know how to use hedges to their advantage.  I loved the way they used them to create private and public spaces by pruning them high or low.  These hedges also created pathways and avenues that opened up into gardens, groves, and even a fountain.  Neptune’s Fountain was quite lovely.  There seemed to be surprises around every bend.

The Rose Garden sits at the top of the Boboli Gardens and is hidden until you reach the top of the stairs to get there.  It has beautiful pink roses with geometric pruned hedges in between, and a fantastic, panoramic view of Florence.  I could have stayed there all day just taking in the view of all the nature around me. 

Gucci Museum

I thought the Gucci Museum would house normal fashion that most people would wear, but that was not the case.  I found the men’s fashion very bizarre and crossing the line, looking more like women’s clothing.  Gucci is an androgynous designer, and most of his clothes are totally impractical.  I cannot imagine any man wearing 90% of the men’s fashions I saw in the Gucci museum.  Gucci is more known for his handbags, and leather goods like belts. After seeing the fashion in this museum, I think that is a good thing.  Now I am anxious to see his handbags.  There was only one of them in this museum.  

Takeaways From the Day

Being in nature is very rejuvenating and clears the mind.  I can understand why designers go there to get inspired, because I feel the same way. I never cease to marvel at God’s creations.    

From Gucci I have two takeaways. First, beauty is subjective.  Second one person’s must-have fashion item is another’s donation to the Salvation Army. While Greek philosophers might have thought beauty to be objective, Gucci’s designs prove otherwise. 

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